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Sunday, September 8, 2019
1 - 4pm, Shades Mills - Cambridge ON

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2019 Taste Participants   2019 Beverage Participants

Cambridge Mill

  Beau's Al Natural Brewing 
Galt Country Club   Black Fly Beverage Co.
Ernies Roadhouse    Von Bugle Munich Lager/St
The Old Marina   Hespeler Brewery
Bake Shop On Main   Descendants Beer & Beverages
Whistle Bear   Waterloo Brewing
Zoup!   Royal City Brewing
Boutique Baker   Molson Coors
Mucho Burrito   Sprucewood Estate
Blackshop   Reif Estate Winery


  Impress Beverages- Magnum Cream

Slava/Zirkova Vodka

Grand River Tea   Wellington Brewery
Black Wing Coffee    
Di Patty Shop


More to come!   More to come!


2019 Celebrity Judges   2019 BEST BITES COMMITTEE
Darryl Law - 107.5 Dave FM   Amy Cottenie - MNP LLP  Co-Chair
Gayle O'Brien - 107.5 Dave FM  

Erica Tennenbaum -

   RBC Wealth Mgmt DS  Co-Chair

Susan Cook-Scheerer   Paul T. Cody - Paul T. Cody Team
Jake Richards - Grape Expectations  

Brian Waddell- Waddell Engineering Ltd

Jo-Anne Casselton-Kuhn - The Wine Diva   Chad Wickham- Waddell Engineering Ltd
Karen McLaughlin   Connie Titizian - CMHF Board Member
Andrew Coppolino - Waterloo Region Eats   Kate Cressman - CMHF Board Member
    Jelisa O’Kieffe
    John Jonas - Mennonite Furniture
    Andrew Leith- MicroAge Kitchener
    Carla Johnson - Cooking with Sin
    Leslee Urquhart - A Perfect Day
    Rosanne Jonas - Mennonite Furniture
    Alex Wolosinecky - CMH Foundation




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